Axis Bluechip Fund vs Nippon Large Cap Fund

Axis Bluechip Fund vs Nippon Large Cap Fund

Earning consistent returns is the dream of any investor. It is possible through finding the best mutual fund in accordance with your needs. But it is typical to compare the performance and returns of one another and choose the fund that benefits you in all aspects.

To ease your hectic job, we will come up with two outperformed funds such as Axis Bluechip Fund and Nippon large cap fund.

Both the funds are highly valued with enhanced quality and stability. Being an investor, you should dick out the performance and risk analysis to go with your convenience.

Continue reading to know both the funds in detail:

Axis Bluechip Fund and Nippon Large Cap Fund: Overview

Axis Bluechip Fund: It is actively managed by Axis Asset Management Company. Axis bluechip fund analyses and identifies the large-cap companies to obtain long-term capital appreciation.  

Nippon Large Cap Fund: Like Axis Bluechip, Nippon large cap also targets long-term capital so that they chase the equity-related securities of large-cap companies. Understanding its in-depth approach and management strategies may help you to make informed decisions.

Fund Name

Expense Ratio in %

Exit Load

Stamp Duty

Tax Implication

Total AUM


Axis BlueChip Fund

0.64% inclusive of GST

Excess of 10% of the investment for unit, 1% redemption will be charged within 12 months

0.005% (from July 1, 202)

15% tax will be charged, if you redeem within 1 year. After 1 year, LTCG tax of 10% needs to be paid on returns for Rs. 1 lakh+ in a financial year.

Rs. 2,86,670.00 Cr

Lower Expense Ratio and 10Y annualized returns that is higher than category average of 1.34%.

Nippon Large Cap Fund


1% exit load, if you redeem within 7 days.

0.005% from July 1, 2020

Same exactly as Axis Blue Chip Fund

Rs. 4,70,359.79 Cr

Lower expense ratio and consistent higher returns than the category average for past 1y, 3y, 5y and 10y.

Axis Bluechip Fund and Nippon Large Cap Fund – Performance

Axis Bluechip: In the last 5 years, when its comapred to Kotak Bluechip Fund(17.56%), this annualized return of Axis Fund is 14.16%. Year-on-year, you can witness the performance growth. However, it depends heavily on market status. If the market grows, the fund rate also typically grows.

Nippon Large Cap Fund: A steady return is impossible in any fund. Likewise, the return from Nippon Large cap is different in every time period. However, the investors have earned higher returns in the large-cap category.


Axis Bluechip Fund

Nippon Large Cap Fund











Axis Bluechip Fund and Nippon Large Cap Fund – Risk Analysis

Both these funds have certain risk factors and some significant among them are listed below:

Management Risk: The management risk arises because of not achieving the desired results as per the fund manager’s investment decisions. The changes may happen in style, drift, Investment approach or personnel changes.

Stock Selection Risk: Choosing the right stock decides the performance of both funds. Poorly performing stock or fund may tend to experience underperformance.

Regulatory and Compliance Risk: Both funds may contribute to meet the regulatory and compliance risk. Any significant changes made in the regulations impacts greatly the fund’s performance and operation.


Axis Bluechip Fund

Nippon Large Cap Fund

















In the end, you may conclude which fund will come under your requirements. The expectations of every investor are different, they can choose the fund that benefits them with higher returns. Compared with Nippon’s Large cap fund, the Axis bluechip has a high risk-adjusted reward and lower volatility.