Stock Market

Top Traders in India

Top Traders in India

India has a rich trading history, with the country being a hub for international trade for centuries. In recent times, the trading industry has witnessed a surge of growth and development, thanks to the efforts of some of the top traders in india. These individuals have not only demonstrated exceptional trading skills but have also …

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Advantages of Financial Planning

Advantages of Financial Planning

Money makes the world go round, and managing it well is key to achieving financial stability and success. This is where financial planning comes in. Financial planning is setting goals, creating a budget, and planning to achieve those goals. It might sound overwhelming, but the advantages of financial planning are worth it. This article will …

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what is treps in mutual funds 1

What Is TREPS In Mutual Funds?

Do you want to invest in mutual funds with minimal risk and maximum returns? Have you heard of TREPS in mutual funds? If you want to invest securely and profitably, understanding TREPS is crucial. This trading mechanism is gaining popularity among mutual fund investors in India due to its unique features and benefits. So, what …

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what is euin in mutual fund

What Is EUIN In Mutual Fund?

Are you looking to invest in mutual funds? If yes, you might have come across the term EUIN. EUIN stands for “Employee Unique Identification Number.” The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) gives a unique code to mutual fund distributors and their employees. EUIN plays a crucial role in mutual fund investment, ensuring investors …

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