“Plan in such a way that you may live till 80 or 90; Live in such a way that death can happen anytime”

Smart financial plans at your 20s: When it comes to financial planning, the fundamentalsremains the same – Term Insurance, Medical insurance, Emergency funds, getting your debts closed. After fundamentals, you have to develop the habits and lay your route to achieving financial freedom. Here, we provide you the 10 golden financial plannings which every individual has to do at their 20’s in order to enjoy a happy and peaceful retirement.

·       Plan your day.

·       Invest on yourself first.

·       Save first, Spend later.

·       Increase Streams of Income.

·       Never apply or use a credit card.

·       Never use Shopping Applications in Mobile.

·       Save the amount for lease mortgage.

·       Never take any loans in life.

·       Invest at your 20’s and Get out of rat race at your 45.

·        Plan your RETIREMENT.


·       At the commencement of 20’s is the period, where most of us kick off a new life when career comes to us, and start to earn some money. There are few peoples who will be a taxpayers too. 

·       Each individual in 20’s should have their top priority as ‘planning a day’.

·       Everyone are given the same 24 hours in this world. But why only 3% of them are successful? Have you ever come across this question?.

·       The only answer is they plan their day well in advance and prioritize their goals and allocates energy is such a proportion.



·       Investing means, not only saving a part of your income or invest them in bonds, fixed deposit, PPF, mutual funds, or equity.

·       More than that, it is important to invest ourselves in developing knowledge, learning new skills which is going to lead the future technology and development in our early 20’s.

·       Developing or learning a new skill is not about paying an amount to join a crash course, rather it is investing your time to learn a new skills. in this technology era, it is very possible to get all the needed packages through YouTube and other free educational tools.

·       If required, you can learn a few courses with monetary payments too. It’s not advised at all times.


·       Only few people do a proper monthly budget. Even though they start their budgeting from loans, EMI, rent, other expenses, finally there will be a column for savings too.

·       Some people have a slogan saying, whatever is left after all expenses will be safely kept for savings. But what happens? This ultimately ends up with zero savings.

·       These kind of mentality will never lead you to save or invest. It can never make you financially free.

·       Once you receive your monthly income or business payments, first move at least 30-50% of your income into savings.

·       The best way to do this is activating “AUTO DEBIT” option through your bank and invest in your portfolios.


·       We can see from most of the people’s interaction that whenever they face financial challenges, they plan to change a job for getting an instant 20-30% pay hike.

·       This is not the correct way of the financial plan at your 20’s. You should have planned prior to your goals and dreams and lived accordingly.

·       If not, you have to plan to increase the stream of income in your 20’s.

·       If you have more than 1 stream of income, you no need to rely completely on the primary source of income. You can increase more streams too.

·       If you want to be financially free at the 40s, then you must have a minimum 5 streams of income.


·       The moment when you start  financial planning at your early 20’s and set the goal, the foremost thing to avoid is USAGE OF CREDIT CARDs.

·       We can see many people, particularly, in the age group of 20’s, having more than one credit card.

·       These credit cards throw you more offers by partnering with the business dealers and tend you to buy the product, without allowing us to understand financial stability and income.

·       Credit cards will never develop us the habit of delayed gratification.

Note: Charges and interest rates of credit cards will be discussed in future topics.



·       Nowadays, we are living in a world where e-commerce is everywhere like Amazon, flip kart, etc.

·       These kind of e-commerce platform is provided with the application and more updates to our mobile.

·       Whenever we use mobile, we tend to open these applications. The offers in it will shot out our instant gratification gene, which will eventually lead us to buy the products and give us a financial burden.

·       So, please delete all the applications related to shopping or food. If needed please use web browsers to buy the products.


·       The life at your 20’s will be having less commitments, so it’s the right time to save more money.

·       The most important is, keep remembering that your marriage life is nearing you on it’s way soon.

·       Most of us won’t get a job in our native, so we move to top cities and stay therein a house for rent.

·       To avoid rent, plan your savings in the early phase, to develop the desired amount for a lease mortgage, which eventually makes you save the rent amount and increase your wealth.


·       Nowadays, there are various ways to make you a debt creator.

·       There are many options, you can take any loan like bike loan, mobile EMI, Home Appliances EMI, Car loan, Home loan, Personal loan, Business loan, etc.

·       These will never give back your asset to you, except for business loans. The chance of yielding more profit in business is minimal as you have to pay debt interests.

·       These kinds of loans are definitely a liability and will depreciate your wealth.

·       If you keep on accumulating these debts, you will never become financially free and will run behind 9-6 rat race till age 60.


·       We all know that investing for a long period will yield more capital gain as the power of compounding involves in it.

·       When you start saving 30-50% of your income at your 20’s with a proper plan for financial goals, you will be damn sure you will get out of rat race at your 45.

·       To be out of 9-6 job at 45 is a big dream for most the people in this world, but only few who does financial planning properly and do it with discipline, consistent and persistent achieves it.


·       Most of us, don’t know that there is a life after retirement

·       In that time, the expenses for life still continues and income becomes zero.

·       This is the period in which most of us will build a home, conduct matrimonial function, sudden medical emergencies, etc.

·       If you don’t plan your retirement at your 20’s, you will end up with zero corpus at your retirement, and become dependable on your children. Remember, at that time, your children might have a family and have their own commitment.

·       To lead life till 80, we should have a minimum corpus of 5 crores at the time of retirement.

Note: Retirement planning is a big subject which we will take through in the future.



·       Primarily, you have to be stable with fundamentals of financial planning like Term & Medical insurance, and emergency funds.

·       Then, you should develop the habits of financial planning like Discipline, Consistent, Persistent, Non-Procrastinator, Delayed gratification.

·       Plan your day well in advance, invest in yourself and save first rather spending.

·       Increase stream of income, which will make you not to rely on a single job and you can achieve your financial goals very quickly.

·       Never apply or buy any sort of Credit card, Loan, and shopping applications.

·        Plan your retirement, start saving from early 20’s and get out of the rat race by 45 and have a happy retirement with 5 crores as corpus in hand.


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This subject is completely taken from practical sense from most of the successful financial leaders and even from my mentors and myself.

If you have any thoughts or comments please do share with us. Also, if we need to cover up on any specific topic please let us know. We will work together in bringing valuable content to enhance the wealth of your life.