Why You Need Early Retirement?

Why You Need Early Retirement

why you need early retirement

Early retirement is a wonderful dream everyone should have. As we have discussed in our previous articles on convalescent planning and how passive income will accelerate retirement life.

Our theme of retirement stands so simple. Retirement is considered to be the phase at which an active source of income stops, and life completely depends on passive income.

Let us explain why you and I need an early retirement in life more practically.

Retirement Life:

Everyone in the world earns today. They also know, their earning will come to an end in some days in the future.

So, let me categorize life into two segments in terms of financial management,

  • Pre-Retirement Life.
  • Post Retirement Life.

Pre Retirement Life:

The phase of life, where you completely depend on active income. The majority of people have this phase in a long runway. That is, half of their life vanishes by spending

If you have better financial management knowledge, you will try to reduce this phase in life.

There are many ways to develop a passive income or generational income. You can even start a side hustle or skill-based self-employees.

Only 20% of working people seriously looking for early convalescence as they hate working. The report is taken from a survey of forbes.com.

Post-Retirement Phase:

The post-retirement phase is not termed as taking a complete rest as if your days are counted.

Remember one thing, at the age of 67, KFC was founded by Colonel Harland Sanders.

So post-retirement, it is the time to focus on increasing the passive income and passion.

The post-retirement phase should start by the age of 45 minimum. Many entrepreneurs have attained 6 sources of income at the age of 20. We are not asking you to start your retirement phase at 20. At least, you should plan by your 45.

Benefits of Early Retirement:

  • Retirement gives you freedom from the rat race.
  • As we have mentioned earlier in this article, only 20% aim for the early convalescent. In which, only 5% of people have achieved it.
  • The real benefit of living as a human can be realized only when you retire early.
  • Retirement provides you with a peaceful mind, focusing on your passion.
  • You can spend more time exploring your niche and research.
  • No need to invest a lot of energy into active income. As the income streams, you have created will work for you.

What is the Perfect Age?

There aren’t any written theories to start your convalescent phase. You can start your convalescent life on a few occasions,

  • When you have a huge corpus, which is required to lead your life till the end. Check out the article to calculate the retirement corpus.
  • You can start when you have developed your side hustle.
  • Multiple streams of Income.
  • Huge Investments that yield a handful of dividend payout.

If you have any of the above eligibility criteria. You are ready for your convalescence.

Why You Need Early Retirement?

  • In this materialistic world, 80% of employees are not satisfied with their job. They just go for a job due to their commitment and EMI bills.
  • It is necessary for you as an individual to lead your life with great passion and happiness.
  • If you love your job and planning to stay until you retire, it is well and good.
  • Or else, kindly focus on early convalescence.
  • In this phase, you will get more time. In the active income phase, you sell your time to get paid off.
  • It gives us a fresh mind or fresh time to focus on our passion. No one is going to trash your decision. You will practice and will learn again from your mistakes.
  • When you focus on building multiple streams of income, you might turn up building a big brand. Your company will become a brand like Apple, Amazon, Tata, Reliance, Bata, KFC, Domino, etc.
  • Who knows, you may lay a foundation for 1000 franchises
  • Post-retirement life is the phase, where you will enjoy and understand the real fruit behind your birth.


  • It is necessary to understand the benefits of an early convalescent.
  • You can focus on your passion apart from money.
  • A new brand can be built with a proper focus on your skills.
  • Financial freedom and multiple streams of income will be yours.