Best Open Ended Mutual Fund in India

Best Open Ended Mutual Fund in India

Open ended mutual funds are growing as the preferred choice for investors seeking flexibility and development in the ever changing world of finance.

The goal of this investigation into the top open ended mutual funds available in India is to provide an individual’s viewpoint on the frequently complex world of investing. Let’s speak about the best open ended Mutual Fund in India in detail.

11 Best Open Ended Mutual Funds in India:

Nippon India Small Cap Fund:

This fund, which specializes in small cap businesses and sets out on a high growth potential journey, offers investors an opportunity for potentially healthy profits.

ICICI Prudential Infrastructure Fund:

If you are aiming for improved portfolio management, discover choices for dividend payout, and more, This fund will be useful. Make sure you choose your stocks carefully from the bottom up to ensure logical and long term growth.

Invesco India PSU Equity Fund:

The fund aims to increase capital by investing in equity and equity related instruments of companies in which the Central or State Governments hold a majority shareholding, exercise management control, or have the power to appoint a majority of directors.

Nippon India Power and Infra Fund:

This fund invites investors to share in the long term capital appreciation in significant areas of the Indian economy by telling the story of driving infrastructure and growth.

Quant Tax Plan – Direct Plan – Growth:

This fund, which was designed with tax benefits in mind, tells the financial planning and offers prospective tax benefits as it covers the chapters of capital growth.

DSP BlackRock India T.I.G.E.R Fund:

This fund is benchmarked on the S&P BSE India Infrastructure TRI and is categorized as an Infrastructure fund (Equity Sectoral/Thematic). Its classification as Very High Risk highlights its risk profile in relation to the investment environment.

L&T Emerging Businesses Fund:

This fund invites investors in the fast growth in dynamic markets by concentrating on enterprises with yet to be realized in the emerging business landscape.


This fund, which offers a mix of security and returns, invests in the durability of public sector firms by combining stability with development potential.

IDFC Infrastructure Fund:

This fund, which has its roots in infrastructure development, extends an invitation to investors to support the vital sectors of India’s long term growth possibilities.

HDFC Small Cap Fund:

You can choose the top ranked HDFC Small Cap Fund to make long lasting investments. This small cap mutual fund is the best choice if you want to achieve consistent long term capital growth.

HDFC Infrastructure Fund:

This fund, which echoes the infrastructure expansion, focuses on capital appreciation and allows investors to participate in the developing stories of the companies that support India’s infrastructure development.

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Open Ended Mutual Fund in India:

Investment Goal: Setting out your goals for your investments is like writing the first book of your financial history. The first stage in wealth creation, income generation, or capital preservation is to match your story with the fund’s narrative.

Risk Tolerance: Each investor has a different level of risk tolerance, and this influences the investments they make. Knowing your tolerance allows you to choose investments that suit your comfort zone, be it the small cap adventurous thrills or the large cap stability of funds.

Investment Vision: The financial story you are telling is outlined in your investment horizon. Long term objectives might be better served by the narrative twists of equity oriented funds, but short term objectives might need the steady pace of debt or hybrid funds.

Fund Performance: Every fund has a unique performance history. Previous chapters provided insight into the fund’s stability and capacity to handle market swings. Though it doesn’t control the future, the past does give the plot additional depth.

Experience of Fund Managers: Each fund has a fund manager with a unique background and set of skills. Having faith in this human component gives your investing experience a more intimate feel and guarantees that the people working behind the scenes are skilled at negotiating the market’s turns.


To get concluded, selecting the top open ended mutual fund in India requires more than simply arithmetic; it also requires an awareness of the unique tale each fund tells. The 11 suggested funds accommodate different investment tastes and present a variety of narratives.