Calculate how much you need to save or how much you will accumulate with your SIP


Estimate your gratuity amount based on your salary and years of service.

Recurring Deposit

Calculate maturity amount and monthly contributions.

Compound Interest

Calculate compound interest on your principal amount over a specified period.


Calculate the maturity amount of your KVP investment. Plan your savings effectively.


Calculate the future value of your lump sum investment considering different interest rates and tenures.


Calculate and plan your investment in SSY scheme for your girl child's education or marriage. Estimate maturity amount.

Step Up SIP

Optimize your SIP with increasing investments over time. Calculate future wealth accumulation.

Fixed Deposit

Calculate and forecast returns on your fixed deposit investment considering various interest rates and tenures.


Calculate the annual growth rate of your investment over a specified period.

Reverse CAGR

Calculate the initial investment amount needed to achieve a specific CAGR over a given period.


Calculate returns on your PPF investment with SBI. Plan your contributions and track growth.

Future Value

Predict and calculate the future value of your investment considering different rates of return and time periods.


Plan your pension contributions under APY scheme. Calculate expected pension benefits.


Calculate earnings from SCSS investment for senior citizens. Plan your retirement savings.