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Fixed deposits are long-term investment options that you can choose to save money and get considerable returns. They are offered by several banks and NBFCs. 

FDs give higher interest rates than savings accounts. So, this is a safe option to save money and gain high returns at the same time. Most banks have a predetermined tenure that can vary between 7 days and 10 years. So, you need to calculate your FD returns.

What Is An FD Calculator?

An FD Calculator or Fixed Deposit Calculator allows you to calculate the maturing amount you will get for your FD investment. The returns you receive from an investment depend on the interest rate and tenure. 

So, an FD calculator can help you analyze how much you will get for a particular investment and let you compare the returns for different tenures and interest rates from different banks. With this, you can decide which bank and tenure give you the highest return and invest accordingly. 

How Fixed Deposit Is Calculated?

There are two types of fixed deposits you can avail from your bank. 

  • Simple interest FD and
  • Compound interest FD.

The Fincareplan FD Calculator uses the compound interest calculation formula to estimate your returns. 

Formula To Calculate Fixed Deposit

The formula used to calculate the compound interest FD return is

M = P + P {(1 + i/100) T – 1}


P” is the principal amount,
i” is the rate of interest per period, and
t” is the tenure.

You can see that the formula is a bit long and complicated. Manual calculations are prone to errors and can give you false results. This is why using an FD calculator is the best option. 

How To Use Fincareplan’s FD Calculator

Fincareplan’s FD Calculator is easy to use, and you can estimate your return amount by following four simple steps. 

  • Step 1: Enter your total investment amount
  • Step 2: Enter the rate of interest provided by your chosen bank
  • Step 3: Enter your tenure
  • Step 4: Click “Calculate.”

That’s it. You will get a detailed account of your invested amount, estimated returns, and the total value of your investment at the end of your tenure. 

Benefits Of Using Fincareplan’s Fixed Deposit Calculator

There are many benefits of using Fincareplan’s FD Calculator. Below are some of those benefits. 

  • Manual calculation of your FD returns can be complex and time-consuming. Using our FD calculator can simplify the calculation process. 
  • Fincareplan’s FD calculator is entirely free, and you can use it as many times as you want. This can help you alter the interest rate and tenure and find the one that suits you best. 
  • Helps you make an informed decision and choose the best bank that gives you the highest returns. 
  • Get the accurate amount you will get from your FD investment within seconds.


  • Is The Fixed Deposit Interest Calculator Free To Use?

    Yes, Fincareplan’s Fixed Deposit Calculator is entirely free to use. You don’t need to pay or enter your details to calculate your return amount. 

  • For Which Tenure Is Simple Interest Calculated?

    If you choose a fixed deposit tenure for less than 6 months, your returns will be calculated using the simple interest method. More than 6 months tenure will be calculated through the compound interest method.