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Fixed deposits (FD) are safe and are high-interest-providing term deposits that banks or non-bank financial institutions offer. It is highly preferred since it has minimal risk to the investors. A fixed deposit is a good preference for beginners who have an interest in savings.

What is the Post Office Fixed Deposit Calculator?

The Post Office FD calculator is an appropriate and suitable implement for calculating the maturity amount of your time deposit. The Post Office FD calculator is used to know the exact amount we get at the time of maturity. 

It is even possible to compare the maturity amount that we receive by just knowing the interest rates.

How to Use the Post Office Fixed Deposit Calculator?

The Post Office FD calculator is an automatic calculator which is extremely free of cost. The process is so simple.

Following are the simple steps on how to operate this calculator:

  • First, enter the principal amount that you wanted to invest in Fixed Deposit in the Total investment column
  • Secondly, type the suitable interest rate (p.a) in the Rate of Interest column.
  • Next, enter the number of years in the Time Period column.

Once done by providing the data, you will be able to check the errorless estimated FD interest along with the maturity amount in less than a minute.

Formula to Calculate Post Office FD

Calculating post office FD interest is quite simple. The basic formula used for the calculation is, 

Maturity Value = P * (1+ interest rate / 4)^(n*4)

P = Principal Amount
n = number of years

The interest rate should be the annual rate.

Post Office FD interest rate and maturity amount can be calculated by two methods: either the simple interest method or the compound interest method.

Let’s work it out with an example: if a person has deposited Rs. 50,000 at 7.8% interest for a 4-year term, the maturity amount would be,

Maturity value = 50,000* (1+7.8/4) ^ (4*4)
Maturity value = 68,103

The process is straightforward. In this way, you can calculate the maturity value of any lump sum amount.

Advantages of using Fincareplan Post Office FD Calculator

There are so many advantages to using the Fincareplan Post Office FD calculator. First, it is an online tool that can be accessed by anyone at any time and can save time. 

It is much faster than our mental calculations. When it comes to complex and confusing lengthy calculations regarding Post Office FD, our FD calculator gives you an accurate answer. 

You can use the calculator multiple times and decide on the amount and tenure you wish to hold it for. This can enhance your financial planning in a better way. 

The details are needed to calculate your invested amount and estimated returns in the Fincareplan Post Office FD calculator. 

  1. Total Investment (₹)
  2. Rate of Interest (%)
  3. Time Period (Months)

Once the details are given, click Calculate. In a second, the calculator will automatically generate the answer for the following queries.

  1. Invested Amount
  2. Estimated Returns
  3. Total Value


  • Can I get a monthly interest on FD in the post office?

    In a Post Office Fixed Deposit, the interest is compounded quarterly and credited annually. 

  • After how many years will FD double in the post office?

    Your Fixed Deposit in the Post Office will double every 115 months (approximately 9 years and 6 months).

  • How much interest can I get on ₹1 lakh Post Office FD for a tenure of 5 years?

    if you invest 1 lakh rupees in a post office fixed deposit scheme and withdraw it in 5 years, you will be able to take back an interest amount of around 45,000. The approximate interest rate is around 7.5%.