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Post Office Recurring Deposit (RD) is a simple way to save money. You deposit a set amount every month and watch it grow. You can easily figure out how much you’ll earn by using the convenient RD Calculator Post Office provides. In return, you will get a fixed rate of interest determined by the Indian Government. 

The interest rate of this scheme is also impressive. So, this scheme is one of the best ways to invest your money and get good returns from it.

What is the Post Office RD Calculator?

A Post Office RD calculator is an online calculator that can help you accurately estimate the amount of money you will get during the end of your investment period. 

It can be difficult for you to use the formula and manually calculate your return amount. Manual calculations are also prone to errors. 

You can use this calculator to instantly calculate your invested amount, estimated returns, and the total value you will get at the end.

How to Use the Post Office Recurring Deposit Calculator?

The post office RD calculator is very easy to use, and you can calculate your return amount by following the simple steps mentioned below. 

Step 1: Enter your monthly investment

Step 2: Enter the rate of interest

Step 3: Enter the number of years you wish to invest in the scheme

Step 4: Click “Calculate”

Navigate through these four simple steps with the Post Office RD interest rates calculator to effortlessly determine the return amount for your RD.

Formula to Calculate Post Office RD?

The formula used to calculate your returns on a recurring deposit is

M = Rx{(1+n)xn–1}/1-(1+i)(-1/3)


  • M” is your maturity amount,
  • R” is the amount you wish to deposit every month,
  • n” is the number of quarters in your tenure, and
  • i” is the interest rate (your interest rate is divided by 400 as there are four quarters in a year).

You can see how long and complicated the formula for recurring deposit calculation is. This is why using an RD calculator can help you get an accurate estimation of your RD returns easily and effectively. 

Benefits of using Fincareplan Post Office RD Calculator

Utilizing the post office RD interest rates calculator for your RD calculations not only simplifies the process but also ensures accuracy, offering a clear picture of your investment growth. Listed below are some of those benefits. 

  • The calculation is quick and only requires you to enter the required details. You don’t have to use the formula and calculate manually.
  • Unlike manual calculation, online calculation is more accurate and error-free.
  • The post office RD calculator gives you instant results within seconds.
  • You don’t need to pay or provide any personal information to use the calculator. You just need to have an internet connection. 
  • The calculator can be used any number of times. This will help you determine your monthly investment amount and the number of years you wish to invest. 
  • The calculator can be used on all devices (mobile, tablets, computers, etc.)


  • What is the RD rate in the post office in 2024?

    The interest rate for the post office recurring deposit is currently at 6.50% per annum. This interest rate is compounded quarterly so your money will keep growing till your maturity time.

  • Can I open a joining post office RD account?

    Yes, you can open a joining post office RD account. You can open it with up to three adults with either the “Either or Survivor” or “Former or Survivor” option.

  • Can I withdraw my money before maturity in the post office recurring deposit scheme?

    Yes, you can withdraw your amount before the maturity period in the post office RD scheme. However, you might have to hold the account for at least one year. 

    If the account is closed within one year, you won’t get any interest for your deposit.

  • Is the post office recurring deposit (RD) interest taxable?

    Yes, the post office RD scheme is taxable. The interest you earn from this scheme is taxed at the income tax slab rate.