October 4, 2020

Gold as an Investment – Complete Guide for Investors

Gold was first used as currency in ancient times before the invention of FIAT currencies (Government-issued currencies). In recent decades, gold has been considered, the only hard asset of tangible property in many middle-class families. Even our parents and grandparents might have thought us investing in gold as it is the only investment that will …

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    “If you don’t plan your emergency situation well in advance, you will end up as a debt creator” Nowadays, Jobs and businesses have become unpredictable and insecure. In the last few years, we all have come across news that many lakhs of people been fired by their organization. Many people became disoriented in …



Importance of Financial Planning

It is your ancestors resposible for you being rich or poor. Importance of financial planning will teach you to break the chain of poverty and make your generation financially free. Our current generation (1980-2000)’s is enjoying the life at age of 25-35, that the previous generation (1960-1980)’s people achieved at their retirement time, like bike, …

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Personal Financial Planning Process

Personal Financial Planning Process Steps to Follow

If you plan to become financially stable, you should understand a few personal financial planning processes. There are mainly five attributes to concentrate on. Plan & List out your Budget Term Insurance Medical Insurance Close all Debts Emergency funds. Role of Budget in Personal Financial Planning Process:   Budget planning is done in most families, …

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