December 7, 2023

What is IDCW in Mutual Fund

What is IDCW in Mutual Fund?

Mutual funds differ considerably from stocks, and understanding the terms is essential. A mutual fund investor needs to be familiar with various strategies and terminology to trade effectively. To invest efficiently as a mutual fund investor, you must understand direct, regular, growth, and dividend concepts. Growth and dividends are the distribution methods for profits, whereas […]

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What is Growth Mutual Funds

What is Growth Mutual Funds?

When investing in mutual funds, you have two plans: growth funds or dividend funds. A growth mutual fund mostly invests in young, promising companies that have the potential to provide high returns on your investments. Do you want to learn more about growth mutual funds, including their types, functions, and advantages? This article is just

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Price to sales WEBP

Price-to-Sales Ratio

Are you prepared to make wise investment choices? Do you need a quick and simple method to determine the worth of a business? Then, it is the appropriate time to familiarize yourself with the Price-to-Sales Ratio. This simple concept compares a company’s stock price to its revenue and can provide valuable insight into its value.

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